by Rylie Nelson

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A tiny release, please download and enjoy!


released December 11, 2016

Written, performed, and produced by Rylie Nelson
"Objectivity" co-written with Nabil Fadili
Mastered by Nabil Fadili




Rylie Nelson Tacoma, Washington

I make music!

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Track Name: Objectivity
This silence is so deafening
Unspoken contrast, hidden conflict
Corrupts what's underneath the skin
(Do you see) what I see?
(Extinguished) is what I desperately need

If you could see yourself
With any sense of objectivity
A parasite that just won't go away

Take it from me, you would not want this responsibility

Curse my fear to speak
Curse my fear to act
Can't shake this apprehension
Silence deafening

Now I'll inform you
This is the end
Observe what lay before you
A rift we can not hope to mend

Can I say it's worth the price?
This body aches, this soul is tired
Enough is enough, I've fought this losing war
No one can say I didn't try
It's your problem now, this is goodbye

Take this from me, I no longer want this responsibility
Track Name: Aquamarine
Can't start this flood on my own
And the only path that remains is growing ever narrow
Will he be the one to rise up
The voice that's heard loud and clear

The last time he'll be so led on
Never again but not now
He's just too jaded
He's what this fallout created

Oh won't you stand
Stand with your sisters and brothers
Gather with us now
They'll tell this story someday
No second chance
Never been a day like today to show us your true colors
We hope to see you again at the crest of the wave

Comfort in obscurity is no comfort at all
Reform as one

He cannot help but notice there is something stirring deep, something unfamiliar
He has something of value to offer, and he would be remiss to let it float away

And maybe I could endure and be the one that they've been waiting for
We're glad to see you again
Gonna make a difference now, one unlike any other
I've realized that at the end of the day

Comfort in obscurity is a comfort to none
Reform as one