The Assembly

by Rylie Nelson

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Bradley Stafford
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Bradley Stafford Rylie is one of the most talented and unbelievably profound musicians I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Each melody is masterfully crafted, and you can really hear the passion that went into making this album. I highly recommend it. Favorite track: Subjectivity.
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My first solo effort, three years in the making. It's a free download, so please take it and enjoy it!


released August 22, 2014

Written and performed by Rylie Nelson
Guest vocals on Adrift by Alan Diez and Austin Schend
Engineered by Nabil Fadili and Josh DeShazo at WaveTouch Studio
Mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds
Artwork by Briana Komarnitzky
Digital artwork by Bradley Stafford




Rylie Nelson Tacoma, Washington

I make music!

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Track Name: White Light
A tragic end to the love of his life he thought he could not live without
Who will help this man rise up against all of his life's inimitable odds?

Now that she's been consumed
Been consumed by the light
Now that she's withered and gone, who will remain in her stead?

And nothing ever could make this right
But this will have to do
The spitting image of her likeness
The one who tore his heart into two
Track Name: Fragment
I feel like the one, the one I never thought I'd be
So surreal to have it all in just one dear moment
Then have it torn away from me
Our three became two, my self doubt is killing me
This tiny piece of her is leaving me unsure

Now here in my darkest hour when I needed her light
I lie awake in our bed built for two
The tiny softest of sounds bring my heart to its knees
What kind of man would hopelessly wallow in ornery
Self-pity while he's needed so desperately

For the first time since she's been gone
I feel like I can take the heartache
I've opened myself up, I must now accept
She gave her life for a worthwhile cause
She would believe I would not let this be for naught
Track Name: Subjectivity
I can no longer hope to medicate
It's really too far gone, I'm sorry nothing can be done
I've tried it all by now, endeavored far beyond my bounds
Yet I'm still searching for a clue

We're born as slaves to be, our subjectivity
A rift we cannot hope to mend
Unwillingness to change, surround yourself with hate
Yet still I hold my tongue
I get the feeling that they all know
Track Name: Adrift
Of simpler times, and simpler priorities
Why can't we start again, the dream was yours and mine to take
Now we're left with the decisions that we had to make

And now a thousand reasons why I'd give it all to start again
In all of my ignorance I could have believed anything
And now a thousand reasons why I'd give it all to have it back

I could believe the impossible could be my ambition's reprieve
No dream would atrophy, but it's too late for me

This is my compromise, the biggest regret compounded with lies
How can I throw away what's meant to be?

I've not the time to question it, I'll be alright with either way
Conceal away what you create, lest it become a source of shame
Maybe it isn't good enough, it isn't up to your personal standard
Just take the path that's safe, that's what they always told me
Just take the path that's safe
Your reward will be a bitter man filled with regret and a wealth of nothing
So as you can see, what isn't appealing?
Be the least that you can be

This is my compromise, the reason I can't look myself in the eye
How can I forgive myself as I grieve?

Just let it be, it's no longer your choice, just let it be
Make believe that you tried your best, while placing your blame

Blame the ones, the ones who made it oh so simple
Guiltless blame, the ones who don't deserve
As I lie here awaiting my own death, dreamless sleep awaits me
Track Name: In the Midst of a Dream
You've never seen a love like these two shared, so selflessly
Exactly what they mean when they'd say we are in the midst of a teenaged dream

Do you recall our solemn softly spoken promises?
Blessed beneath a canvas of starlight's warmth
Bathed in full moon's glow

And there lay our two souls entwined, arranged in perfect euphony

In that moment of perfection I swear as if time had frozen still
The absence of all doubt and all worry proves that this is indeed true love

And this love shall last, never have hearts rang so true
Just keep this simple promise and we'll make it though
Track Name: The Poet
For what seems like the thousandth time I stand and wait
Still seems like the first
The moment between the person I was and who I'd like to be
Who still seems so unlike me
She doesn't seem to mind as she describes what she sees